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Clic'n Clac is here to help in every aspect of your internship search. Below are 3 templates you can use to get started, they are free for you. All templates are available on Canva, which is a 100% free site that you can use to create and modify a CV that will be sure to get you noticed. Also on this page, you will find tips that will help you get noticed. 

Modern-Serious Cover Letter template that is blue and grey

Modern / Serious CV 

This CV is a mix between a classic and modern CV, with Icons, Skill/Language Points, etc. You can edit colors to fit your personality. Good for Business, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, etc.

Graphics Cover Letter template with light green, tan, and grey shapes

Graphic CV

This CV is a mix between a classic and modern CV, with Icons, Skill/Language Points, etc. You can edit colors to fit your personality. Good for Business, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, etc.

Unique Cover Letter template with grey background and bright pink writing

Unique CV

This CV is Unique in the sense that its diffrent from what recruiters will normally see. Very good for young students as it highlights the skills and experience that you have.

Tips for the Perfect CV

Stand out from the rest with these 4 tips

  1. Modify your CV to each position - Your CV should be modified more or less to each position that you would like to apply to (see tip 2), so give it that personal touch that many recruiters are looking for. Our templates provided above are 100% modifiable, so make sure it fits you. Remember though there is a fine line between too much and too little, this is what you're looking for.
  2. Use Keywords! - The best thing about a job description is you can use that to modify your CV to catch the attention of the recruiter. Think of it like marketing, where marketers use keywords to get you to notice their products. Recruiters normally have lots of CVs to go through, so truthfully they won't be reading every word that you write. This is why you can use their job description which normally should have the keywords they are looking for (personality they are looking for, as well as keywords describing the missions). This way you catch the eye of the recruiter with the keywords they are already looking for.
  3. About me or profile section - This is where the recruiters are going to look first, and if they have hundreds of CVs to look at, well they probably won't look further if you don't attract them here. This is why the section is important, and there are various ways to go about it. Here they need to know about you, what you're looking for, and when you're available. Don't forget though, this is where you sell yourself so mention why you will be an asset in their team.
  4. Stick to the Basics - Recruiters typically have what they are used to seeing and in the order they are used to seeing it. You don't want them to ask why you choose to do something in a certain way. So a reminder these are the sections you will need: Name & Contact Details, Experience & Employment History, Education & Qualifications, Skills, and/or Strengths. Lastly, try to make it one page!
Yellow squiggly lines that turn in a circle

Website CV

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Website CV

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Website CV Pro

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Need An Expert?

We got you covered. Our experts are here to give you advice and to give you that boost to find the best international opportunity!

CL + Resume Package


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  • πŸ’‘ Each Cover Letter and Resume needs to be grammatically correct and adapated to a country and position. 
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Β« Interview Β» Coaching


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