Interview Preparation

Congratulations you have an interview! Oh, the dreaded interview. You're nervous right? You shouldn't be, this is the best part of the recruitment process. you're almost there! Now you just have to reach out and grab it (or sell yourself I guess is a better way of putting it). Follow the advice below to give yourself the best chance to pass this hurdle know as The Interview



Ask Questions

How to Have a Successful Interview

Tips for you to get a YES from the recruiter.

  1. Be Prepared - If you have followed this Learning Center, I am pretty sure we have said this a lot. Though, this is probably where it is the most important. You need to come to the interview with knowledge of the company and the position you're applying for. Don't take it too far, but you need to know about them as the question could come up. Even if it doesn't, you should use this information somewhere in the conversation to show that you have done your research and thus are not just another candidate. The objective of an interview is to see if you (skills and PERSONALITY) can fit with the team or work culture of the company you're applying for. You need to be prepared but not to the point of a robot and/or where you're overstressed. Be comfortable! Be yourself! This is the best for the recruiter and yourself and your future experience. Also, research the recruiter on Linkedin beforehand as it will give you a mental image of who you're going to talk to when you rehearse, and secondly show them you're doing your research and thus are coming prepared! 
  2. Know how to sell yourself - You need to know how to talk about yourself in detail by hitting your key selling points, without going on and on. This is why rehearsing is key. Cut out the fat of what you're going to be speaking about but keep it interesting. You need to be fluid in your explanation of questions regarding your experience, your knowledge of the company and position, and why you're the right fit. Many questions that will be asked will be just simply to see your personality. You need to answer these questions as you because at the end of the day you want your personality to fit in their work atmosphere so it is a match for you both. Although Hard Skills are very important for a professional career, at the internship stage Soft Skills hold a bit more value, so do be afraid to talk about them!
  3. Basic Interview Questions - Here are some basic interview questions that may or may not come up. In any case, rehearse them it will help you out: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What accomplishments are you most proud of? Do you work better under pressure or with time to plan and organize? Why are you interested in this internship? Why should we consider you for this internship? What do you know about this industry/company? How would your faculty/friends/co-workers describe you? What three words would you choose to best describe yourself? Why did you choose your major?
  4. Ask Questions - It is well known that for a recruiter (regardless of how well the interview went) to automatically reject your application if at the end of the interview you don't ask any questions. For the recruiter, it shows genuine interest in the role and company and makes you a more serious candidate. A quick search online will show you some basic questions to ask, and those are ok but we suggest that you ask questions that pertain to you. you're trying to mold your perfect internship abroad, and are about to make a big commitment, therefore you need to ask questions that will assure you that saying 'yes' will match the experience you're trying to have. What is the company culture like? What is management like? What is a typical day? Have you had interns in the past, if so what was their experience like? Could I get in contact with your old interns? ANYTHING that pertains to you, and will assure you that if accepted you will fit in. We here at Clic'n Clac believe there is an internship for everyone, and we have seen some internships be a 'dream' for some and not so much for others. An interview is a two-way street, so go ahead and ask what you need to know.
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