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Website CV

We have found THE solution to stand out from the rest. 
In today's world it's very complicated to get seen by a recruiter especially since a recruiter spends an average of 7 seconds on a standard CV! 
Now it's a competition on who standsout from the rest. 
Our Website CV (e.g.1, e.g. 2) can do just that and increase your chances of being getting an interview by 50%!

Website CV

€99 €149

Give a major boost πŸš€ to your applications with a Website CV that stands out from the rest.  Increase your chances of an interview by +50%.

Website CV Essentials

We take care of the creation and deployment of your Website CV (48-72 hours)

Choose your model: This one? Or this one?

100% mobile and tablette friendly

Choose the essential colors of your Website CV

Optimized for Recruiter Interaction (Download CV, Contact Form, Send Email, Social Media, etc.)

Website CV Pro

Custom Pricing

Want to go even further with your Website CV?  We are here for that too!  Contact us and we will put your ideas into reality.

All Website CV Essentials, plus: 

A larger choice of models personalisation

Multi-language, multi-page CV

Custom domain name

Maintenance and modification plans

Custom integrations. You think it, we can do it together!

Coaching Packages

With more than 10 years of experience placing hundreds of candidates all over the world, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect Internship or V.I.E you are looking for.

CL + Resume Package


By βœ‰οΈ and/or πŸ“ž

  • πŸ’‘ Each Cover Letter and Resume needs to be grammatically correct and adapated to a country and position. 
  • βœ“ Our experts will give you advice on the content and form of your CL & CV.
  • βœ“  Languages offered: English, Spanish and French

Β« Interview Β» Coaching


πŸ•“ Approx. 45 min

  • πŸ’‘Have an interview? Great! Now its time to practice and sharpen your language skills. Practice makes perfect!
  • βœ“ Mock interview with one of our experts to make sure your prepared and ready
  • βœ“  Languages offered: English, Spanish and French

Β« Internship Β» Coaching


πŸ•“ Approx. 45 min

  • βœ“ Our experts answer all your questions you may have on internships abroad: Visa, budget, eligibility, where to go, and any topic you need us to cover
  • βœ“ Languages offered: English, Spanish and French

Β« V.I.E Β» Coaching


πŸ•“ Approx. 45 min

  •  βœ“ We give your our expertise on everything V.I.E related: the specifics, eligibility, conditions, how to find your offer, etc.
  • βœ“  Languages offered: English, Spanish and French

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