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Finding an Internship Abroad can be difficult. There are hundreds of websites, job boards, and career centers dedicated to this. Where to start? With Clic'n Clac, finding your Internship Abroad has never been easier and more economically sound. Though, hold your horses for a second, like everything in life you need to be prepared so you can make your internship experience everything you dreamed of and more. Below is some of our advice for you before you start applying




Tips for your Internship Search

Find the Internship of your dreams with these tips!

  1. What do you want? - An internship abroad should be an experience that will change your life both professionally and personally. You will learn new skills, meet new people that forever will shape who you will be. This being said, you need to ask yourself some good questions before you start molding your new life. What skills or knowledge do I have from previous experiences, or studies? It is always possible to start from scratch, but lets face it, most companies won't recruit anyone with 0 skills/knowledge in the domain, so be realistic. What skills or knowlege would I like to gain? This is also a very practical question because it takes a little bit a future projection on what you see yourself doing the future, but this experience could also show you what you don't want to do which is ideally a great experience to have. What professional atmosphere are you expecting from an Internship Abroad? This is important! There are startups, multinational groups, associations, etc that all bring a certain atmosphere to your professional experience. I know what you're saying, well known multinational company. This is totally fine, but what we want you to know is this decision has an impact, as these companies are more structured, and less for you try new things and learn new skills as a startup. So if learning as much as you can, and having a ping-pong tournment is what you're looking for, well multinational may not be your cup of tea. Where do I want to go? Diffrent countries, diffrent languages, diffrent work ethics, diffrent ways of lifes. Do a bit of research on the life there before you commit to a destination. Why am I doing an Internship Abroad really? Is it for the experience ? Is it to make money? Maybe both? Is it mandatory for your universitiy degree, and not a real 'want' on your part? All these questions influence everything mentioned above, and will influence your experience abroad. Know why you're doing it, and you'll find your way.
  2. Is it possible? - Now that you know more or less what you want from your internship abroad, now comes the reality of it all. It is really important to realise that different countries have different obligations and expectations from internships. Let's say your English level is intermediate (then you probably have no idea what I'm writing here), and you want to go to New-York, but need to be paid $1500 per month to make it work financially. Well, there is something wrong here. An internship paid $1500 is possible in New York, we are not saying that, but the competition will be high and more importantly it will be nearly impossible with an intermediate English level. It won't work. So, be realistic. Business Schools in France and Europe tend to 'over-sell' the profiles of their candidates. you're amazing and a rare gem, we are not saying otherwise it is just there is a reality too. You might be disappointed because a company in the USA or Australia may have never heard of your school, and even if that's the case, it won't count as much as you think it should during the recruitment process. Remember too, that each country has its native interns competing for the same roles. We don't want to be negative Nancy here, quite the opposite, you should and will get what you want. Just be sure to not set the 'bar too high', and especially take into account that an internship abroad can bring you extreme value in the future, not just the immediate.
  3. Targeting, anticipation, and organisation - We recommend to start as soon as possible to find your internship abroad, but at least a minimum of 3 months before. This will give you sufficient time to find exactly what you're looking for, and not just apply to whatever in a last-ditch effort to find something. There is also everything else involved in the ecosystem of an internship abroad. You will need to find accommodation in your destination (start looking now), apply for a visa (some take longer than others to get), rent your apartment (find a good tenant that doesn't destroy your place), international insurance (there are so many places to look for this), etc. The idea is, the earlier you look the better. You will feel less stressed when you're actually hired and you already have an idea or even better some sort of a plan. Targeting is equally important as well as you need to stand out, and you will see these throughout the Learning Center. This is why Clic'n Clac's platform has a limit to your applications. Recruiters (especially in the internship industry) are tired of seen non personalised applications that candidates send out to 100 companies. This is why Clic'n Clac is set up for you to know the company beforehand, do the research, so you can honestly tell the recruiter this is the exact internship abroad I am looking for and I'm the perfect candidate.
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