About Us

Cathédrale de la Major in Marseille France where Clic'n Clac started

Our Story

Clic’n Clac started when in 2015 Antoine and Cory met each other while working in a company that specialised in international internships. At first, they didn’t talk much, mostly because Cory couldn’t speak French or at least Antoine had no idea what he was saying. As the company grew Antoine and Cory became leaders within the internship abroad market and learned everything there is to know about international internships. They became the best of friends and were both convinced that what they were offering in the market, at the time, was limiting the market itself.

Thus, they decided to create Clic’n Clac which solved the problems they saw in the market: Why are the prices so high? Why do we need a placement agency? Why don’t companies respond to candidates?

Their goal is to bring an Internship Abroad back to where it should have been all along; an incredible experience for anyone and everyone to experience. They didn’t stop there. They started asking themselves: Well what if we could make it cheap for the candidates and also provide a user-friendly platform that will give them all the information they need to find the internship that corresponds to the exact experience they are looking for? Well… they did that too.

Join us, and evolve with your own international experience. Let us find the companies, and you focus on your incredible experience.

Meet the Team

Cory Lawing Co-founder of Clic'n Clac

Co-Founder | 🇺🇸🇫🇷

Cory Lawing

I’m the American in the team, as every team needs an American ;).

After finishing my university studies I found myself in a typical office environment. I felt normal, just like everyone else but I wanted so much more and I wanted to go abroad. I decided to quit my job on the spot and that I needed more international experiences to figure out my ‘who am I?’ question. At the time I thought a road trip for 2 weeks would be enough, and boy was I wrong.

I left on this road trip through Canada but didn’t come back for more than 3 months. This started a snowball effect and would forever change me. Once I came back I left immediately to live a few years on a deserted island in Australia, then to Asia, and then found myself living here in France for the past 8 years. All it took was one decision to change and with each experience, I opened doors and learned skills that I never thought possible for me.

These experiences have made me what I am today, an entrepreneur. Though, not like any entrepreneur, I’m an entrepreneur of experience. I want to make it possible for everyone to open new doors abroad and see where it takes them.. Thus, Clic ’n Clac was born.

Antoine Heriter, Co-Founder of Clic'n Clac

Co-Founder | 🇫🇷🇺🇾🇺🇸

Antoine Heritier

Me, I'm Antoine and I'm the co-founder of this amazing platform Clic'n Clac. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to create some meaningful international experiences in a few countries and truly become immersed in different cultures (1 year in Lithuania, 7 months in Uruguay).

I loved these experiences so much that I wanted as many people as possible to live the same thing, therefore I accepted a job that did just that by helping students in France find Internships Abroad. I spent 4 years helping students live the same sort of experience that I did.

Though, after some time, I realised that the business model we proposed limited the number of people who could actually experience an international Internship, mainly because of the price. Cory and I start brainstorming ways on how to make International Internships more available, cheaper, and accessible for everyone.... this is how Clic'n Clac was born.

Other than this I am someone who really enjoys life, always smiling and staying positive. I speak fluently in English and Spanish. If you're in Marseille, don't hesitate to reach out and we can drink a coffee. I'm always open to networking :)