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Clic'n Clac is here to help in every aspect of your internship search. Below are 3 templates you can use to get started, they are free for you. All templates are available on Canva, which is a 100% free site that you can use to create and modify a cover letter that will be sure to get you noticed. Also on this page, you will find tips that will help you get noticed.

Cover Letter template with black blocks and yellow lines

A-typical Cover Letter

This Cover Letter stands out a bit as it has more color. Typically Cover Letters have less, but this one is good to show some creativity.

Cover Letter template with red and grey circles in corner

Typical Cover Letter

This is a typical Cover Letter with just a tad touch of color to make it a bit more then the basic. Most recruters are used to seeing this.

Cover Letter template that is blue and brown on the contact info section

Typical Cover Letter +

Another typical Cover Letter, but just with a tad bit more.

Tips for your Cover Letter

Stand out from the rest with these three tips!

  1. Is it Important? - A Cover Letter is extremely important as it's likely what the recruiter will see first. It is a summary of your CV, Skills, Experience, and why you're the perfect fit for the job. Don't forget to: emphasize your accomplishments, express the reasons why you're interested in the job, state the mission of the job description, and how your strongest skills can contribute to the achievement of that mission, and lastly that you know something about their company. We suggest a Cover Letter even if a company does not require one.
  2. Use Keywords! - The goal is to sell yourself, in the quickest way possible as we all know nobody has that long of an intention span. You will need to use some basic catchphrases to catch the reader's attention. We CANNOT mention enough how your Cover Letter is like a marketing tool whereas you should use the keywords from their job description within your Cover Letter to gain the recruiters attention. If you do this, a recruiter who is just skimming over your cover letter will see the words they are looking for. Study the missions, the company, and use the keywords they have already told you they are looking for.
  3. Misspellings and grammatical mistakes - Don't have any period! This is your first impression. Especially when you're looking for an internship abroad where you will most likely be speaking another language, unfortunately, any mistake will be judged by the recruiter. A candidate that has a more grammatically correct Cover Letter will LIKELY be invited for an interview over a candidate with more experience but makes grammatical errors within their Cover Letter or CV. It shows the ease with the language, and even more so, attention to detail!

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Example of a Cover Letter

Feel free to copy and paste, but don't forget to change the bold/italic parts to fit you and the position you are looking for!

To Company Name, Hiring Manager:

With this letter and the attached resume, I would like to express my sincere interest in obtaining a name of internship with company name. As a creative and results-oriented individual with a solid academic background in domain of internship, I possess a breadth of knowledge and skills that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your company.

The following achievements demonstrate my qualification for this position:

β€’ Pursuing a degree in name of degree and participating in comprehensive marketing research, analysis, and plan development projects.

β€’ Gaining deep understanding and knowledge across the creative process in areas including market and competitive analysis, website updates, SEO/SEM performing tracking, and direct client communications.

β€’ Possessing expertise in social media vehicles, blogs, and additional online outlets to drive customer awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

β€’ Demonstrating effective communication, organization, presentation, and project management abilities.

My ability to drive the achievement of corporate domain goals and objectives is sure to make an immediate and positive impact on company name, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue to hone and expand my domain skills through a hands-on internship with your company. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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