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Clic'n Clacs candidates profile for finding internships abroad

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To get started, its so easy. You have the choice between our two plans:

Standard #FREE : You can apply for 3 internship offers simultaneously. This means that if you or the company decide not to continue on one of your applications, you can apply for another #unlimited.

Premium : Premium gives you an extra boost in your internship search and allows you stand out from all the rest.  For €24.99/month you can apply for up to 10positions at the same time, and you appear at the top of each companies list as a Premium candidate #VIP.

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Clic'n Clacs candidates profile for finding internships abroad

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For you, we developed an incredible platform. Imagine this... total freedom in your internship choice... Would be nice right? Nobody to push you to apply towards a position that is boring in a country you don't really want to go too. The possibility to exchange freely with your future company, without asking your 'recruiter'. Sounds a bit like LinkedIn, we know, but we focus on companies that are searching for profiles like yours, we are providing a real responsive relationship between candidates and companies. We encourage companies to respond, and it is a criteria for them to have an offer on our platform. With Clic'n Clac, you will have a response, we guarantee it!

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Why Should You Clic'n Clac?

We are the only platform around thinking about you, the candidate. Our objective is to give everyone a unique opportunity to go abroad and learn by experience. To achieve this, we developed a powerful platform and changed the internship market forever by proposing a never before seen price! You will no longer have to pay hundreds to find the internship you're looking for. We want you to save your money and invest more in making your experience everything that it could be. Finished are the days of applying towards hundreds of internship positions without a response. With us, we guarantee responses and that our companies are actively looking for profiles like yours. Whether you're a student or just have that 'itch' to go abroad, whether you're looking for something from America to Australia or want to join a fast-paced startup or a multinational corporation, we have everything you're looking for here.